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You can read or purchase our products: Bible study aids including the weekly Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson; Christian Science literature; books  for children; the Christian Science Monitor, weekly and online version; the Christian Science Journal and Sentinel.

In addition to our sales area, we offer a quiet study room where you can take a break from the noise of the day to read, listen, pray, ponder our stock of literature and online resources, or just enjoy the stillness.

In addition to the Christian Science Bible Lesson, we also offer a weekly Bible Lesson Discussion Group,– Thursdays from 12:30pm–1:30pm in the Bookstore and simultaneously on Zoom. All are invited to bring their questions and insights.

The Bible

Generations of seekers for God,

culminating in the understanding that God isn’t just a loving Being, God is Love itself.

This is a place for you to use.

Not for us to convert you.

Christian Scientists around the world have found these teachings invaluable. There is nothing secret in these works. We offer full access to our teachings in the hope that you will find something here  to enrich your spiritual life too.

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

by Mary Baker Eddy

Unlocking the Science of the Scriptures for everyone.

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